Kick and Fennick Remaster

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Client: Abstraction
Task: Development
Skills: C#

Remastering for PS4, Xbox and WiiU

After a few years of working other projects Kick and Fennick returned back on my plate at Abstraction, This time instead of porting to Playstation Vita the goal was to get the game ported to PS4, XboxOne and WiiU, Luckily by now Unity had a bit more support for console platforms so we could use the default exporters.

Bigger textures

When we made this port we wanted to make sure that it was more then just a quick port of the vita title so most textures in the game where replaced by bigger nicer functions and few levels that were not "fun" in the vita port were replaced completely or adjusted.

No more Beast Lighting Engine

By the time that we got around to this game quite a few new versions of Unity had come by, we needed to upgrade to the newer engine version to get the updated to be able to export to PS4, WiiU and Xbox however the lighting engine that the game used had already been on legacy when we released the Vita version of the game. We managed to use modified shaders to take the old lighting maps, these were re-exported with newer assets but in a old version of the engine.