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About me, myself and I

My name is Mike, I am a 35 year old dude that has been working with computers since he was 8 and has been programming them for the past ~15 years.

This whole tech journey has started with a old 486 computer that my dad was no longer using, that poor computer had to suffer a lot because I kept messing with it both software and hardware wise.

During my basic schooling period I was the kid that helped the teacher with getting computers working, I never was one for playing soccer like most other kids did and filled my free time with messing with my computer or building things.

After basic schooling was completed and I moved on and made a mistake, doing business and trade instead of learning about cool tech, looking back I should have never listened to advice of my school advisor and just gone with Tech.

After this small blunder I picked I.T for my next school and started learning about computers, school was kind of boring since most of the things I already knew and I had more fun doing side-projects with my fellow geeks, It was not surprising that the course in less time then needed.

After this I wanted a challenge and one of my teachers mentioned a new game development course starting in Breda. This sounded a lot more fun then learning how to make a "boring" database server work so joined that school next.

And I was right I leaned a lot of cool stuff during these years and before I was graduated I already was working with a game studio, This made graduating a bit more difficult as I was working full time but In the end I did manage to get my diploma.

For the past few years I been porting and developing games which very often feels like rocket surgery or brain science, you touch a lot of different things and you are always fighting between what is accurate, what works, how do i keep my framerate happy and how to write some code that is also maintainable.

There is never 1 correct solution, there is always a couple and finding what works is the fun.

I mostly talked about my tech interests but just to make this little story complete, I will just quickly mention that I always enjoy board games, video games, cooking and baking. ;)


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School / Work History:

  • 2013 - Present
  • 2006-2018
    • Study
      • NHTV
        • HBO - International Game architect and Design (I.G.A.D)
      • These days known as: Breda University of applied science
  • 2010
    • Internship
      • Kalydo - Eximion
        • Game programming Intern
  • 2005-2006
    • Study
      • ROC - I.T Manager
  • 2005-2006
    • Internship
      • ROCA-BHR
      • Setting up a link between the Netherland and Lithuanian offices of the company
  • 2004-2005
    • Study
      • ROC - I.T Service Employee
  • 2004-2005
    • Internship
      • Complicity
        • I.T support and sales employee
  • 2002-2004
  • 2003