The Sexy Brutale

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Client: Abstraction
Task: Development
Quality Assurance
Skills: C#
Unity Scripting

The Sexy Brutale PS4 and Xbox Port

TSB was a very fun project to work on, This game was not finished yet when it came to us but was getting close and they wanted us to get a head start on porting the game to Playsation 4 and Xbox One.

The texture sizes

A typical problem with porting to console is always memory, when developing on a windows system the developers are not always aware of how memory they are using since windows will just grab the SwapFile to fill in for any short comings. This sadly does mean that often projects like these come with large textures in areas that are simply not needed. Think of a 4k texture being used on something that ends up being 12 pixels wide somewhere on screen in game. The game had a lot of these kind of issues.

Tools needed

Because this game was still in development while we were porting it no changes from us were merged back into their git server. This meant that whenever we took a new download from their side all our changes related to assets were overwritten, since merging of binary assets is a pain to do for a big merge. We quickly started a developing a tool to re-apply out changes that we made, at first the tool just had a list of offending texture assets but this quickly was extended to include other common mistakes that had to be corrected such as audio component tweaks but also the attachment of scripts we had written to make things work on PS4/Xbox.

Did not get the love from the public that it deserved

After we were done with the game and it was released on the various platforms it was a bummer to see not a lot of media attention for it.

Most marketing was focused on another game that the company had recently released and TSB only got a few players, The story of the game is really cool and the fact that you have to replay sections and prevent characters from trying to progress was really creative.